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Returns :

You have 14 days from the time you receive your item, to return it for any reason.

Before you use your new item, make sure you test it out or look it over. You can only return an unused, unopened, undamaged item for exchange or partial refund(minus 20% restocking fee & shipping cost), Unless it is defective. A defective item will be exchanged for a like item of same or lesser value.

Our customers are very important, and you will be treated that way. Repeat business is our goal !


This is a Family Owned Company.

We will sell any Quality product that we can offer at a competitive price.

If you see something that you like, don't be surprised . There are no boundaries to what might be on our shelves.

 Every Single item we carry goes through an extensive testing phase . If something is not High Quality, we will not sell it. Period.

We also have a great return policy, in the remote chance you might need to use it. But our goal is repeat business, so we try never to have any returns. Quality Control is something we take great pride in. It gets checked, double checked, and checked again before we ship it.

I hope you choose to join our family of happy customers.

We are building this site, so we are constantly adding new products. Be sure and look back from time to time, to see what we have in stock. 

At this time we ONLY accept PayPal, but they do offer a service for you to use your credit card through them. With PayPal, your transaction is secure.

Remember, this is a new sight and we are building as we go. Please excuse any needed maintenance.

Thank you for your time and your business !

D.J.S  Pres.

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